But, I Loved Them More…

“I married my first husband when I was two months pregnant with my oldest daughter. He was dark and handsome.  I was a light skinned Irish Italian girl and he was Puerto Rican. Those two didn’t mix often in the fifties in New York City but tell that to a young girl crazy in love.  … Continue reading But, I Loved Them More…


Mistakes & the Deer in Headlights Effect

I am currently dealing with a big mess that I made. The mess itself scares the heck out of me, can anyone else relate? Looking at my mess is the most disempowering thing I can think of. Yet, I need to be on my “A” game. Like really on my “A” game if I’m going … Continue reading Mistakes & the Deer in Headlights Effect

My Favorite Teacher Hack – Stop Collecting Papers!

My dislike of clutter drove me to stop collecting papers.  I had no idea that I would find a powerful strategy that would transform the dynamics of my classroom and enhance student achievement.  It’s really very simple, students bring me their work as they finish instead of me collecting their papers. Usually the rest of … Continue reading My Favorite Teacher Hack – Stop Collecting Papers!

Thoughts About Coffee Cake

(Originally published as a guest blog for CoffeeCupConfessions.com) Coffee connects people.  I’ve enjoyed many sessions of friend therapy and deep conversations over coffee.  Now if we add a delicious accompaniment to coffee, we have absolute heaven. Particularly if that coffee cake is sweet, a little sinful, and spiced with the adventure of travel. My favorite … Continue reading Thoughts About Coffee Cake

Behind the Homework Debate

(As seen in DisruptED TV Magazine) When I posted a survey on Twitter asking one simple question and it got over 70,000 impressions, I knew that I wasn’t the only one struggling with the homework debate. Almost 3,000 people voted and more than 300 commented.  All I asked was, “Do you assign homework?”  Educators from … Continue reading Behind the Homework Debate